Game design platform built for the modern age.

Excel, Exit! Level up with Playflare – powering game design, balance, and evolution across all genres. From MMORPGs to hyper-casual hits, ignite your speed to market and turbocharge iteration time! 


Faster design iteration times


Balance experiments done live


Happier development teams

Simple and Flexible system design

Unlock game magic with our revolutionary visual design platform! Craft, connect, and conquer game systems effortlessly using our intuitive relationship graph.

Continuous Evolution Unlocked

Gather player insights like a pro! 

Track player behavior, fine-tune rules, and witness the impact on your player community and system dynamics. Make real-time adjustments, set schedules, and trigger balance tweaks conditionally for the ultimate game-changing experience.

The Source of Truth under control

Your one-stop hub for all game systems, ensuring a unified and definitive gaming experience.

Model anything

Every item, spell, card, and any other creation finds its home in our central design database. Unleash boundless creativity with ease.

Rule them all

With our intuitive visual editor, craft simple or intricate rules to construct game systems and auto-generate model data.

Progressions, item drops, crafting, damage, rewards—whatever you envision, you have the power to construct.

One-click deploy

Seamlessly deploy game design systems in real-time without a single line of code. Watch your game evolve and adapt effortlessly.

Data-driven decisions

Fine-tune with finesse! A/B test down to the tiniest detail, validate hypotheses, and master game optimization with our seamless experimentation platform

Easy Collaboration

Fully loaded with features designed to give you the best web conferencing experience ever.

Branch out

Create design branches to experiment with exciting new features or fine-tune game balance with a twist.

Draft and review

Craft, Polish, and Shine! Draft and review your branches, seeking feedback from fellow designers before unleashing your creations into the gaming realm.


Simplify Developer Life with Playflare! No more poking developers for formula changes or balance tweaks. Take control and seamlessly integrate updates, making life smoother for developers and iterations faster.

Frequently asked questions

When will the early access start?

In the latter part of Q4 2023, within a constrained scope.

We intend to collect feedback during the early access phase and analyze its impact on the roadmap for 2024.

Is Playflare free?

We offer a free trial period to allow users to experience our platform firsthand. Following the trial period, you will have the option to choose a subscription plan tailored to your needs, with charges occurring on a recurring basis, aligning with the specific features you wish to access.

Are there more features planned?

Absolutely, our development journey doesn’t stop here. We recognize a substantial gap in the market for versatile game design tools. In addition to the existing features, we have a roadmap that includes, but is not limited to, robust functionality for dialogs, quests, maps, and layouts, among others. We’re committed to continuously enhancing Playflare to meet the evolving needs of game designers and developers.

Who is behind Playflare?

We are a seasoned team of gaming enthusiasts, boasting decades of experience in the industry. Our diverse expertise spans from development to design, and we have encountered the persistent challenge of inadequate tooling, necessitating the creation of bespoke solutions for every new project. Our team members have proudly contributed their talents at esteemed companies such as Blizzard, Epic Games, King and Unity.

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